IWC Baku was formed on September 13, 1994 in Baku Azerbaijan. The club is a non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making organization.

Our membership includes 135 international members as of May 2018. We also are a member of a World Wide International Woman's Club called Welcome International Club. Welcome International Club is affiliated with 24 International Woman's Clubs around the world, 1000+ members in all the different clubs. It benefits our club with international woman's conferences we can attend to connect and share with clubs from around the world.


The aims of IWC is:

  • to promote friendship and mutual understanding amount women of different nationalities

  • do humanitarian work in Azerbaijan and raise funds in support of humanitarian needs.

  • to organize educational, cultural and social activities for its members. 

About the Positions:


  • Presides over Board meetings and Club meetings and supervise the affairs of the IWC

  • Assists in establishing both long term and short term goals for the organization and is the official representative of the club

1st Vice-President: Local

  • Sets up various commitees to support charity and fundraising, and communicates with all the Azerbaijani speaking members

2nd Vice-president:expat

  • Sets up committees to support fellowship and friendship


  • Organises Board meetings, preparing the agendas and taking minutes


  • Accounts for the collection & dispersement of funds for activities & charities, ensures receipts & records are maintained and prepares monthly reports for board approval.


  • Compiles and keep an up to date list of members


  • Organises fundraising events and Projects


  • Organises the various interest groups within the IWC

  • Organises Happy Hours, Tours, Monthly Coffee Mingles


  • Organises Charity Committee coordinates and submits all recommendations for charitable purchases and projects to the 1st VP and subsequently to the Board for approval


  • Compiles all publicity materials, e.g. posters, for fund raising events and be responsible for advertising of IWC events in the newspapers